Google Fun

yep. i'm procrastinating. trying not to think about anything all that serious. so a bit more fun, eh? :)

My Personal Favorites from the Google Search Terms that have turned up my blog so far this year:

fundamental steps in vallet dancing - which is... what? (i shall let your imaginations have a field day with that one. my mental image involves a number of cars, a fancy hotel, and lots of valets in matching clothes singing and dancing...)

shift in justification in 2008 - we're justifying things differently this year? excellent.

rock throwing record - oooh. what is it? and did they hit anything?!

leaving cupboard doors open - people from Belgium and Portland have wondered about this... apparently I'm not alone, and it's an international phenomenon, as I know people in Australia and Indiana who do it, too...

caddishness - lol... there's a fair amount of that in the world, i'm sorry to say. i hope they got to watch the video...

polite way to call someone bald - this was from someone in the Netherlands - is it not rude there?

why did they call Elisha baldhead? - um... lol.

baldhead poems - i only know of one....

gecko falls on arm - i am sooooo sorry that happened to you. have fun with all that laundry, and invest in clay pots. they're going to have a booming market thanks to you... oh, wait...

laundry fundamental - you need to actually do it if you want clean clothes.... (?!) (sidenote: staying away from geckos will ensure that you do less laundry)

going up to the mountain - someone in Switzerland - that's why this is funny.

universe shift prophecy - the universe is... WHAT again?!

deciding what to preach - i'm not sure this blog will help you with that...i dunno. maybe. :)

falling off the bandwagon - it happens to all of us. get back in. or start hiking. someone will pick you up eventually. :)

New Year's Resolution Parable - is there one? cool...

weird things you ought to know - i'm sure you found a few...

pronounce splagchnizomai - gesundheit

fundamental of thought - hm. i'll have to think about that...

Random fact - somewhere in the world, at least once a week, someone looks up the lyrics to "Trust and Obey" (I cannot even imagine what it would be like to have that kind of clout as a song-writer... wow.)

And three that just made me smile:

and hope does not disappoint us

to be happy in Jesus

never wear shoes


Erin said...

FYI the cupboard door one wasn't me. ;-)

Mike said...

So I totally have this vision of something like "A Chorus Line"; only men in white pants and red coats. The scene is outside of the revolving doors on a resort hotel and the background music is "Cars" by Gary Neuman.