more than you know

sometimes the words you say have so much more of an impact than you could possibly know.

a couple of days ago, i sent an email to a friend, questioning my own sanity as i looked at a task that seemed insurmountable.

he replied the next day, and one of the things he said was, "know that i am praying for you."

he's one of those people that when he says it, i know he means it.  he was praying for me.  is.  will be.

i may currently have those words posted on a sticky note, assigned to float over any open windows on my desktop.

they've sustained me, these past few days, because they point me to the God who sustains me, and remind me that i am not alone.

so if you feel like maybe you should say something - you should say it.  even if it feels small and insignificant or obvious to you.  you never know how much of an impact even seven little words could have.