Ten Random Things That Make Me Happy

Rob's tagged me in a meme that I could take very literally... but I'm not feeling nearly that precocious tonight. Lol... enjoy it; it's rather unusual for me to choose whatever the opposite of precocious is when Rob provides the opportunity for me to be precocious... which happens a lot...

So... Ten Random Things That Make Me Happy:

1) Jesus (although He is certainly not random)
2) my name (ok, so i had to be a little bit precocious...)
3) sunshine
4) daisies
5) being loved
6) sitting with a friend in silence and not feeling the slightest bit awkward
7) chocolate
8) 400 thread count sheets
9) playing guitar
10) singing at the top of my lungs in the middle of nowhere

That took me less than five minutes - and there's more - who starts these things, anyway? Ten Things - like you can limit it to that.... sheesh.

Consider yourself tagged if you want to be. :)


Brad said...

Oh, I'm tagged!

jON said...

you won the round.