bad theology as discussed in a parking lot...

I forget how it came up, but as I observed the other day to a couple of friends as we were standing in the parking lot talking after rehearsal (some of the best conversations happen in parking lots late at night; have you noticed this?):

"I know that not everyone liked Jesus, but well... I like Him, and I'm trying to be like Him, and therefore I think everyone should like me too..."

lol... wow. that doesn't even follow logically... but there it is. Why I'm A People Pleaser: Lessons in Bad Theology 101.


sigh - it drives me crazy when people don't like me. or when i feel like my reputation has been tarnished, or i've been misunderstood. So much for the praises of men... I need to get back to that frame of mind.

(10 minutes later...)

ha ha ha ha ... wow. I just went back and reread what I wrote in that post... I linked it because of the general principle of the idea behind it - living for God's praise rather than needing people to think well of you... but it is so currently relevant to the situation I'm in that's driving me batty that... well, ironic doesn't even begin to cover it.... thanks, God... point taken... ow...

lol... you know that scene in Dave and the Giant Pickle where Junior Asparagus is David in the field watching all those sheep, and he says, "They tip over." (behind him a sheep falls over and bleats piteously) "Oh look, there goes one now..."

I'm starting to feel like that about the whole pottery thing - remade daily, redropped and shattered... "oh look, there goes one now..." smash, shatter, pieces everywhere, God coming in with the broom - saying patiently as He sweeps me up, "okay, Hap, let's try it again... back in the clay mixer for the night, and we'll remake you in the morning." End of day. smash, shatter... Repeat. (sigh) This is fun....


Erin said...

It's kinda like the directions on the shampoo bottle:

Shatter, sweep, repeat.

And I have to say I can't believe you are taking your theology from veggie tales ;-) (just teasing you)

Seriously, being remade daily isn't such a bad thing. We learn something new about God every day, so in truth I'd hate to be staying the same every day.

Happy said...

lol... who wouldn't take theology from a talking tomato?

no, it really isn't a bad thing at all... "Your mercies are new every morning, so let me wake with the dawn," as Nicole Nordeman sings it. I wouldn't want to stay the same either... I would, however, like a couple of these flaws to work themselves out... :P