taking a breather

I won't post the cartoon here (largely because I'm entirely too lazy right now to do it) but there is some excellent discussion on ASBO Jesus this week on post 374. No offense to Jon, but sometimes the conversations that get going as a result of his cartoons are even better than the original cartoon! This is definitely one of those, in my estimation anyway.

There are so many things I could pull out of that conversation and talk about - but one comment in particular struck me: Sas said, when Jesus couldn’t cope, he went off and had a rest, came back to it…

I'm not coping well. There's nothing awful, I'm just really stressed and overtired. Still learning to say Kaddish, but it's not the focus; there's no time to focus on much of anything. So since I don't have time to do it - I'm taking a breather. It's been on the calendar for a couple of months now anyway, but the timing's worked out well. Tomorrow morning it's just me and Jesus for about 4 hours, and I'm so looking forward to it. No agenda - well, I don't have one anyway. I often find He has one. :) Can hardly wait. And on that note - I'm going to bed. At nine o'clock on a Friday night. Because I can.



faintnot said...

I have often found myself stuck in overdrive. It is good to come to a place every once in a while where we can park our weariness and just enjoy the view, i.e. His Presence. Praying that your time with Him will bring refreshing and new strength for the day...Love

Happy said...

Thanks, Linda. The morning was lovely. Definitely moments of "this is so good - thank you, Lord." Wish I coulda stayed there... looking forward to going back - again and again.