the bucket list

One of my silent readers, whom I have sneakily tracked down - (not really - I just followed a link one day, landed on his blog, and found the Shift on his blogroll - nice picture, by the way, John) - has posted what he refers to as "The Bucket List." Apparently there's a new kick going around because of the movie by that name for people to write their own lists... a "bucket list" (in case you didn't know) is a list of things you want to do before you, um... kick the proverbial bucket.

So just for fun, here's mine:
(and somebody ask me when I'm 80 if I've done it all) :)

1. I want to learn to fly a plane - one of the old-fashioned puddle-jumper type bi-planes. Not because I really want to be an African bush pilot per se, but because at some point when I'm in Africa (or anywhere really) and the stakes are high, time is pressing, and our pilot is nowhere to be found, or sick, or wounded - I want to be the one person in our small crew who can say, "oh, it's okay - I'll fly the plane" and wow everyone with my amazing secret talent as I rescue us from what might have been certain death. (lol... whatever. I just like to fly and I think it would be fun.)

2. I want to write a book. Maybe a story, maybe just a "here's what I've learned in my life" sort of a book... I don't know. I just want to write... something.

3. I want to see the world. Africa (especially South Africa). India. Italy - 6 weeks, at least. I want to go to Tuscany on my honeymoon. (I want to have a honeymoon... someday.) Austria - 3 weeks in Vienna. Switzerland. Germany - again, especially Berlin. London. Wales. Belfast. New Zealand. Australia to visit Rachel and Heather. I want to go back to Albania, even just for a visit. Stratford-von-Avon - in England and Canada. Prince Edward Island. Hawaii.

4. I want to own a horse. Just for awhile. And go riding every day. For maybe a year.

5. I want to own a house with a wood-burning fireplace, and comfy couches, and have friends over all the time.

6. I want to own a house with 17 bedrooms. And for all my kids to have friends that pretty much live with us. (and that don't mind cleaning all the bathrooms a house that big would have to have)

7. I want to adopt a dozen kids. Emotionally, if not legally. :)

8. I want to take 6 months off from my entire life and just travel. (This is different from #3 because I'd envisioned that as periodic vacations. This would be more of a "get in the car or hop in the plane and just go, and figure out where I'm going when I get there" sort of a thing. Could be cross-country, could be world travel, who knows?)

9. I want to bike across Montana.

10. I want to die knowing that I didn't waste this life. That I lived every moment I possibly could to the fullest. That I did what I needed to do, spent time where I needed to spend it, and knew who I needed to know - for their sakes and for mine. And that grace covered everything at which I failed. (That, at least, I know will get checked off the bucket list. Thank you, Jesus.)

There's probably more, but I think that's a good start, anyway. :)


Rob said...

We'll have to do South Africa together, if you don't mind waiting a few years for us; I have a couple friends in Zimbabwe I badly want to visit. :)

Happy said...

oh, good... that'll give me more time to get my pilot's license...

I have friends in Johannesburg, so we'll definitely have to stop there. :)

Sean Langdon said...

That's a great list there!

Happy said...

Thanks, Sean - I rather like it. :) I think I might revise the item about the horse, tho... they're expensive... I think I'd like to have a neighbor who keeps horses... :)

I've read your list - you have some very achievable goals. :) Good luck! (and who knows - maybe we'll see ya in Africa someday...) :)

Sara said...

no, no, no. See--that's part of the list--be rich enough that keeping a horse isn't a financial consideration. :)

Happy said...

lol... and there it is again...

"your vision isn't big enough..."

I *will* keep putting limitations on things.... :)

ok, then:

4. I would like to own a horse. And a barn in which to keep the horse. No, wait... I would like to own a Kentucky horse farm and become the trainer of the 2025 Triple Crown Winner. And I would like to have enough money (both before and after our hitherto unknown horse farm becomes famous by producing a Triple Crown winner) to afford a staff that will tend the horses, so that in the event that I don't feel like getting up at 5:00am to groom and exercise my horse, I don't have to. And I would also like to be able to afford a household staff - a cook, and a maid or two... maybe even a butler... and oh, heck, while we're at it, I'd like to be able to finance the discovery of a cure for AIDS, and make sure it gets given to anyone who needs it - for free. And provide food for everyone in the world who doesn't have any...

*sigh* really... I just want Jesus to come back and make His kingdom reign in our lifetimes... :) But I guess there's work to be done yet. Best be getting to it, then...