the me meme

Erin got tagged in a meme that I guess you could say is sort of half of a meme - it's a "me" meme - a.k.a. all about "me."

So, because I feel like blogging but don't have much to say, here's the meme.

I'm breaking the rules: you're supposed to post the rules, but i don't particularly feel like it. I'm in an oddly rebellious mood this week - I've eaten about a gallon of ice cream (very bad) and dyed my hair orange. Now I'm meme-ing with no rules. :) Consider it an aberration from "normal" Happy-like following-the-rules-ish-ness and cheer for me. Take this as a tag if you feel like it; don't if you don't. :)

so the questions (and my personal answers) are:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

2008 minus 10 years = 1998. The year after I graduated from college. i nannied for a family in California for two or three months. Moved back to Michigan, and worked at a hotel - and hated it. And taught my first pre-school class. THAT was a good job... for all its challenges. :) Set me on a career path of teaching and nannying that I have (overall) not regretted, in spite of periodic bouts of "what have I done with my college education?" fits over the years... :)

2. what kind of snacks do you like?

i'm an Oreo-aholic. which is why i rarely buy them. same with Reeses' Peanut Butter cups. and once upon a time, M & M's.... just this way, actually....

popcorn - the kind you make on the stove in an old-fashioned turn-handle popper... with plenty of real butter and salt...

almonds. i eat a lot of them.... organic dark chocolate from Trader Joe's or World Market or Ten Thousand Villages... dried cranberries. ice cream (oh, wait, that's dinner...) anything you can put in hummus... yum. wow... i'm hungry, all of a sudden. :)

3. 5 things on your to-do list

1. put away the laundry I washed on Wednesday that is nicely folded (some of it, anyway) in a basket 7 feet from the closet (if that).

2. pay bills

3. go grocery shopping (includes run to Target to buy bookshelf on sale for books that are currently occupying windowsill, in case lawn mowing person decides to mow past window by bed, the sill of which currently contains books which prevent complete closing of shade... which could necessitate early risings on Saturdays, which really shouldn't be necessary...)

4. write term paper!!!!

5. shred contents of last junk mail basket (yes, i'm down to only ONE!!!!) :) (insert roaring crowd noises here) lol....
and of course, as you know, now that it's written down in list form, it has to get done!

and in the interest of getting a good night's sleep and getting that stuff (or some of it) done tomorrow, i'm breaking another meme-y rule, and splitting it. I'll answer the other 5 questions another day. :)

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