send the rain - part 3

No, I haven't finished the bridge yet, but I just had to tell you about the really amazing experience I had this evening. It's been really stormy all day, which suited me just fine because it just seemed so appropriate to the day (more on that later) - but this evening I was dinking around with that song, and just as I got to the bit about "Jesus, send the rain" in the first section, the heavens opened up and it poured buckets. And it kept pouring until I finished the song, and there was thunder and lightning during the middle section where the music gets very angsty and stormy (the part where I don't know the words yet, but thunder and lightning fit in there somewhere). It was one of the most freaking cool things ever - and then when I got to the tail end where the music gets all peaceful again, the rain lightened up, and stopped altogether.

How cool is that?

We serve an absolutely amazing God.

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