somewhere between hell and Jesus

My friend Josh Schicker is an incredibly gifted songwriter. If you get a chance, check out his website or his myspace page sometime. (His latest album, Moonlighting, is also available on iTunes, and with that, I will cease and desist from this shameless plug.)

Years ago, before his solo career, Josh was part of a band that went through a series of names, and I'm sorry you will probably never get to hear any of their stuff, because it was and still is incredible music. One of my favorite songs off their last album was called "View From St. Peter's" - here are a few of the lyrics to that song:

the rain came down despite all of our pleas
we came inside soaking
and we had an important appointment to keep
with a young man who looked at me and said
"i'm somewhere between hell and Jesus"
looks like we found some common ground
what are we waiting here for
i'm going to miss this place*

somewhere between hell and Jesus. That really sort of sums it up some days. And some days I feel a heck of a lot closer to hell than I do to Jesus, although I know that in reality I'm really not... "Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Colossians 1:27) Makes me think of Louie Giglio's Tupperware Sermons. (which if you haven't heard, I hope you get to some day...)

Music is an incredibly powerful art form... words that would have been good poetry become great poetry with the right melody. Songs get stuck in your head, become part of your story. I heard a song just today that struck a chord somewhere deep in my soul, and it's resonating with this whole idea of being somewhere between hell and Jesus... I haven't quite figured out why this song is impacting me so deeply yet, but I've listened to it so many times tonight I've lost count... It's by Bebo Norman, called "I'm All Right." Lyrics are here.

(HT: Jake)

*lyrics by Josh Schicker, (c) 2000 fgcb music

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like where Peter found himself after stepping out of the boat on Lake Gallilee! Imagine as you are walking on water with a storm screaming about you, then you hit the bottom of a valley between two waves! You'd have to know you'd been called to step out! I think this is where the title of your post comes into it's own for us christians!

Our ability to focus on Jesus over Hell's fury is what will keep us moving forward even when we are seriously questioning our sanity at stepping out!

Brilliant about your friend, God is unbelievably GOOD!