just one of those days

Today's an Alexander day
a day that's full of wishes
and all that i can think of now
to rhyme is stupid: fishes?!

so let's abort the rhyming thing;
revert to random thinking...

it's the kind of day when your pants don't fit right
when the coffee you really wanted you spilled down your shirt
when the kids are exhausted but refuse to take naps
and screaming in frustration would be infinitely preferable to just saying thank you when someone, who really did mean well, tried to fix it. instead of just listening.

so God, i do pray in all humility that you would fix it - fix me...
that this too-tight feeling in the pit of my stomach would gently untense and be centered by peace
that the things that i thirst for would be things straight from You
that rest would replace this insane frantactivity
and that gratitude truly would be found in the core of my attitude.

okay, that was lousy poetry, but it's real, so up it goes. :P

on the upside, though, i have a friend i've been praying for over the past couple months, a brother so dear to me i can't even explain it. he's been running from God, and walking some tough roads, and since i first heard about it, i have thrown myself in the "gap" for him, looked hell in the face, and declared "you can't have him." i have cried and prayed and hoped and cried some more as i've interceded for this guy - and he's coming to church tonight. i can't wait... i love it when God's kids come home.


Mike said...

And I'll add my prayers that he is touched in a very special way....

Happy said...

thanks, Mike. I think he really was. all in all, it was an excellent homecoming.