what would Jesus say to me?

Faintnot and Rachel have tagged me in a meme entitled "what would Jesus say to me?"

Good question. :)

The meme started over at Lord, I Believe. The question is: if you met Jesus in person, the way people in the Bible did, what would He say to you? Reading the original idea and a few things others have written, I am torn between three responses....

1) I have absolutely no idea.

2) simply this: "Trust Me."

3) from the Word: Proverbs 3:5-6
John 14:1

Somehow, tho, I expect if I were walking down a dusty path in Israel and encountered Jesus in person, the conversation would be a little longer than that. Either that, or He would look at me and the compassion and understanding in His eyes would completely undo me....

I tag: Sara, Jake, and Josh.

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Anonymous said...

I think He would say to you, "Happy, you are bigger than you think you are. You know my voice and you know what I want you to do with what I tell you. I promise it'll be ok."

"You are stronger than you think you are. Stand up and push through; your Dad, your King, your God needs you to rise up in who you know you are meant to be. Now is the time."

.... Hope this is relevant, felt to write it. Hang in there my friend, I feel that special, amazing days are just around the corner & so far you've just had a taste. You go, woman of God!