refrigerator poetry

If you haven't guessed, I'm procrastinating. :)

My refrigerator is home to a very large collection of magnetic words, which are currently in their third go-round of the year. At the moment, they've been rearranged into particularly lovely set of phrases, and while I should probably take them down (as the freezer door, home to the actual poetry, is getting quite full), I'm enjoying them too much. A number of them are actually quite wise, and have taught me some things. (And not one of my friends has yet thought to put the words "no," "ice," and "cream" together yet. Phew...) :)

For your enjoyment: a small glimpse into Happy-land, or at least at its freezer door...

"fall through that cool mist of honeylike bluelessness"

"we must trudge no bitter moments but love eternity"

"crush want: then self will never soar"

"you are a delicate gorgeous diamond in God's eyes"

"awesome chocolate is as rain water to most women"

"ache but shine with felt raw weakness"

"have a good cry but will to leave singing better"

"it's a gift, this being a delirious woman thing"

"love is not easy but is still most essential for knowing the sweet whisper of a spring symphony in a winter forest"

"a man blows rose petal winds to a woman's heart"

"beneath the storm this girl will worship"

"languid lake music puts lazy dreams to sleep"

"why stare at your ugly dress and ask y"

"smear two languages together incubating tongues"

"some make juice under the shadow of the moon"

"elaborate beauty is undertrue"

"every boy smells a little something like sausage once"

"here and there, we bed with summery gratitude and come away friends with an enormous love for light"

"never feel frantic but fiddle through life"

"she could"

"recall the vision"

"give it time"

I have wise friends. And I waste way too much time staring at my refrigerator...

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