today in this faerie tale

(HT: ASBO Jesus)

I love this. And I'm so glad that there are people in my life who have been that helpful.

Sorry it's been such a quiet week here at the Shift. Mentally, not so quiet, just nothing coherent on paper/screen yet. I'm in the middle of what feels like a major plate shift, and the world's a little topsy-turvy. I am alternately Gretel in a Bavarian forest following a trail of bread crumbs only to discover the birds have eaten some of them, Rapunzel in a tower with no hope of rescue save a miracle, and Briar Rose, trying desperately not to prick her finger on a spindle and fall asleep.

And yet the reality is far different from what I feel. It's a weird juxtaposition of worlds I'm living in just now. It feels dark and lonely, a little chilly and frightening, and while I'm aware that I'm hiking in the King's forest - and that nothing happens here that's out of His control - the individual trees are freaking me out... and yet the promise is that on the other side of this is the promised land, the "what's next" for which I've been looking for so long... The trail will be made straight and obvious and will lead me home. There's imminent hope of a rescue. And even if I do prick my finger, I'm in a kingdom chock full of excellent dragon slayers who are generally happy to chop through all the brush to get into the castle once the dragons are dispensed with, and the Prince of Peace is on His way. It's almost Christmas. I am in a good place, I know it - I just wish I could feel it. Sometimes being an artist is not all that fun. I know my art would suffer for lack of angst, but I could stand a little less of it some days. :P

Anyway, more to follow, hopefully less melancholy, as time permits. It's been a crazy week.

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Rob said...

Hey, hang in there; some of the trees are spies for the other side, sure, but the lamppost is up ahead, and I think someone will be waiting for you there. (Not sure it will be Mr. Tumnus, but one never knows with Fauns.)

Random note, also: I put up a post this morning—I've been mulling the discussion your "forgiveness" post kicked off, so when I ran into something else talking about that (from a different angle), I took the time to stop and think into the computer. I'd be interested to see what you have to say, if you have the time and energy.

God bless. :)