eine gemeinde

I wish you could be here in this moment.

It isn't the lights, and it isn't the band. It isn't the phenomenal speakers, or the tech crew that's worked so hard to pull this Kongress off. It's the Presence of God in an arena turned temple, and in the temple of His people.

Looking around this room tonight, at faces shining with joy, at raised hands and dancing feet, at brothers and sisters from at least eight countries worshiping the King, I am humbled and awed at the greatness and the grandeur of our amazing God. He is so good.

What kind of a God would handpick these people on a tech team and put them in a cold and drafty building for a few long (but short) days, to do all the prep work that allows this people - His people - to gather and worship with abandon and passion?

An incredibly good God. A God who knows each one of us. Who knows our stories. Who knows our heartaches. Who sees our potential. Who believes in what we can be. An incredibly good God who reminds us of His goodness by incredibly extravagant acts of love. An incredibly good God who answers prayer in ways we could never imagine. An incredibly good God who has a plan so complex and so woven with love...if we could really see it, we would be blown away.

There is nothing like standing in the middle of a room full of people singing a song you know in another language to reorient you to how big a God we serve, and to readjust your vision to what is really important. "Thank You" feels inadequate. It doesn't do justice to how grateful I am for the privilege of worshiping here in this house - for the privilege of being wanted by the King of the Universe, and chosen as one loved to play a role in this Story He's writing - for the privilege of being His daughter. It doesn't do justice to how glad I am to be a follower of Jesus, to be singing His praises in another language, to be loved by this incredible God. But for lack of anything better to say, I will simply say... thank You. Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of this week, for the gift of this day, for the gift of this moment. Thank You for being who You are, and for making me - every day - a little more like You. I love you, Jesus.

Last night at dinner, a friend from the church here in Germany stood and reminded us that although we are from other countries, and other languages, we are still needed here - because we are family. We are one church, one body, one temple of His Spirit.

May we finally get it. May we see, with ever increasing clarity, how to be who He says we are.

We cannot do it alone.

So I pray, as we sang just a few moments ago: Komm in Vollmacht und Kraft, o Herr!

Come in power. Fill us with Your Spirit. And make us a people who make Your Name famous, by the way we love each other.



Sara said...

Wow. I envy you sister. A taste of that kind of worship can make you hungry for eternity for the rest of your life, and that is *so* what the chuch (American, European, all of it) needs.

faintnot said...

This sounds so incredible! I love that our adoration of God cuts through every kind of barrier. Nothing can stand in the way of worshippers, not language, culture, geography. What an honor to be able to do what you are doing right now.

By the way, I have tagged you to be a part of the meme: What would Jesus say to me?

The Lord bless all that is going on over there!!!!