Destination: God Knows Where

I've been gone most of this week to Willow Creek for their annual Arts Conference, and it was an incredible week. Had the opportunity to catch up with some really good old friends, worship with a room full of other artists, and hear some amazingly gifted speakers. God met me in every single session I attended, and it was so sweet.... I'll have more to say later - still processing a lot of it.

One of the "quote of the week" moments tho, came from Richard Allen Farmer, in one of the main sessions. He was giving us a "tour of the artist's brain" - and he said, "That fog in your head? Don't try to fix it. It's supposed to be there." :) lol... phew. You have no idea how relieved I am to know that... :)

The "fog" is simply an acceptance of mystery - an okayness with the not-knowing-ness that comes from a life of faith; oddly coupled with another artistic tendency: asking a zillion questions, much to the annoyance of our friends and family. :) I can't explain it any better than that - I question everything at times, but I love the mystery of life, love, God Himself...

The Israelites followed a cloud... and at times that cloud would fill the temple, and the priests would be unable to minister because of it... what a glorious, mysterious, specific encounter with God that would be...

I'm doing a bit of my own cloud-following this week. It's pouring rain right now, so I am putzing a bit, waiting for it to stop - but in a couple of hours, I am hitting the road and heading to Montana for the week. I will probably spend more time in my car than I do in Montana, but hey... I've always wanted to see it. :) My goal is Glacier National Park. I am not sure I will actually get there. And I am so okay with that. :) It's so cliche, but in this instance, I really feel like it's going to be so much more about the journey than it is about the destination. I have no idea where I'm going to sleep tonight. It's kind of cool... in an unsettling sort of way. :) I wasn't going to leave until tomorrow - but already, I'm just feeling a tug to get going, to get away, to turn off the phone and the computer and just go - out into the wilderness with the Lord, to wait on Him, and to hear what He has to say. I am completely and totally lovesick for Jesus right now - and so looking forward to this week.

I should probably go pack... :)

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Erin said...

You GO girl! Have a great time. Being married and having children is absolutely wonderful, but it does limit one's spontaneity a bit! I'm envious.