truth and love and everything

I posted this (in slightly different form and context) awhile ago, but recent events brought it to mind. :)

I may print this off and post it on one of those kitchen cabinets I keep leaving open so I remember it more often... Maybe if I hit my head on it daily, it'll stick...

Love is patient when it could be easily frustrated.
Love is kind when it could have chosen to be cruel.
Love isn't envious of the blessings of others even in the absence of blessing to itself.
Love is humble and quiet, not boastful and self-centered.
Love chooses to forget the wrongs done to it.
Love refuses to stay angry, even though it has every right to be upset.
Love rejoices with everything that is good and true and right in the world, and weeps over that which is not.
Love protects fiercely, trusts unyieldingly even when it doesn't understand, hopes unswervingly against all odds, and perseveres no matter what.
Love refuses to fail.
Love embraces grace, extends it, doesn't give up.
Love recognizes it can't be earned.
Love mourns sin and celebrates repentance.
Love is meek enough - gentle enough - to both hear and tell the truth.
Love hungers for righteousness.
Love extends mercy.
Love is pure in heart.
Love seeks peace, at great cost to itself.
Love will not shy away from persecution of any kind, because its purpose is greater than any temporary pain.

This is how God loves us.
And it is how I want to love.

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