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Tag, I'm it....

Mike tagged me in a meme ages ago, and I'm just now getting around to it... what can I say, I'm a bit of a slacker sometimes. (just ask the drain in my shower, which is now finally over its identity crisis and behaving like a drain instead of a stopper, allowing water to, you know, drain again...)

Here, forthwith, are the rules:

1. List at least two posts (with links) that have resonated with you. Do not include your own posts!
2. Give a brief explanation why you like the post.
3. Tag four other people.

Here, forthwith, are the posts:

Funniest Worship Leading Blooper Ever
- no matter how badly it went, it could always have been worse... no explanation needed, really. just go see for yourself.

Sometimes - Jon's cartoons are always thought provoking, and I often find them at quite opportune moments. :) This one really spoke to my heart tonight actually - both on its own, because I find it very true of myself at the moment - and because of the conversations. Something really cool, and well... this, actually, happened at ASBO Jesus this year, and I love it.

Two posts I re-read periodically because they're just that good - and because they have spoken so much truth and hope into my life (Rach, I am so blessed to know you!): Give Me This Mountain and God Is Good....And I Believe It!!

There are, of course, about a zillion others. Hit almost anything on my blogroll, and you're bound to turn up something pretty sweet.

So here, forthwith, are my tags:

1. Jake - because you need to post something, brother... the song wasn't that fun....
2. Rob - because he's always reading something interesting
3. Ruth - because she's my kindred spirit
4. Valorosa - because you finally commented, and are (forthwith) tagable :) plus i think you're fun, and i've seen you around any number of blogs i also (silently) frequent, so i know you'll have some great posts towards which to point us! :)


Ruth said...

This looks like fun. I will run with it (after I sit on it for a while)

You picked Rachel's "Give me this Mountain" - that's a great one, I might take it too.

Rob said...

Here you go.