sweet Jesus, thank You
for the gift of Your Presence
for being Emmanuel
for being with us

in this moment of fear and bewildered distress
when nothing makes sense and my heart longs to break because
then, at least, all of this tension would cease...

You are present
and that is a gift

sweet Jesus, thank You
for being so good
for being so faithful
and being so true

in this moment of hurt and betrayal and madness
You are the one who speaks peace
to this sadness and joy
will come - maybe this morning? - but definitely one of these days

in Your presence
and that is a gift

sweet Jesus, thank You
for not promising things
would be easy
but for promising You would be in them

I love You, God
and I will follow You
i will follow


Anonymous said...

Wow, did you write this Hap? It's absolutely beautiful. It is all the things I love about writing, honest, a little raw in emotion... bitter sweet yet hopeful. Amazing. Thanks for posting it.

Happy said...

thanks, Rach. i did write it - and it *was* totally raw emotion. :P there was some major miscommunication between a few people last week that left me feeling seriously betrayed by three people i really love, and it pretty much knocked the wind out of me. most of it has since been sorted out. i fought bitterness and anger for a couple of days - but that's the good news: i fought it, and i didn't let it settle. once upon a time, before i was "happy," that wouldn't have been the case. so it was really cool to see how God has changed my heart.

there are still a couple of conversations to be had, but God's presence was so completely in the middle of that mess. Right down to my flight home from my folks' being canceled, which left me stranded in an airport and able to answer the phone when it rang for the beginning of the sorting out process. God is so good. :)