out here in no man's land

did a little song writing last night...

these are the lyrics - they're a little cheesy, but be glad you can't hear the song itself - the music's even worse... :)

100 miles ago i lost my way within this wilderness
and i am finally ready to admit i don't know where I am
i know You know the way and so i turn to You and say amen
let it be, God, lead me home

and so i listen for direction but my heart can't hear a sound
and i wonder if i missed something or if You're not around
You could hear a penny drop if deserts were not made of sand
and there's no signpost leading anywhere out here in no man's land

so where do i go now and what do i do
and how do i know the way to You

within the pages of the Book, i read to trust in You alone
i know that Jesus is the only way my soul will make it home
but while eternity is pretty clear, the meanwhile is a mess
and i can't stay here but i'm paralyzed, afraid to take a step

but then i realize that You speak in ways i may not understand
and that it's no mistake or accident i'm made the way i am
the gifts and dreams You've given me provide no map
but they're a compass pointing heavenward and leading straight to You

so where do i go now and what do i do
and how do i know the way to You
i'm asking, where do i go now and what do i do
and how do i know the way to You

i'll take a little more time to rest and think about Your promises
i know that everything You say is true

i’ll take a little more time to trust that tho this road is full of dust

the path i need to take is known to You

and though i can’t see where i’m headed next, You do

and that’s enough

so i will trust

and walk with You

(c) 2007 Happy Records, Inc.


Mike said...

Sounds great to me!!

Anonymous said...

Hap, this is fantastic! Not a cheeseball in sight! I love it, it reminds me heaps of Elijah hiding in a cave just before God calls him out to speak to him. There's a great book called "Elijah - anointed and stressed", I can't remember who it's by but if you come across it I think you'd get a lot from it. I did. You are a gift my friend... yes you HAVE a gift, but more than that, you ARE a gift. Especially to me.