the funniest search terms of 2007

A number of interesting searches have turned up The Shift this year; these are a few of my particular favorites:

Christmas verses to put in a box - um, okay... why?

take me to you imprison.... wow. i really hope you were looking for the John Donne poem that turned up.

art vs. propoganda - well, that seems rather obvious to me. :) (one is art.)

idealism vs. procrastination - but they're really the same thing, you see, because ideally you could find out the benefits of one over the other while procrastinating on the internet...which makes it all a moot point...

alternative norman rockwell thanksgiving picture - lol. i think you found it. :)

christmas song lyrics sitting in a restaurant - and you left them there? what if someone famous had written them? do you know how much they'd go for on e-bay?

sockfoot - an extraordinary number of people googled this word... it's when you take off your shoes and are still wearing socks. as opposed to "barefoot" (also googled twice) which is when you have neither shoes nor socks on your feet. :) hope that helps.... lol.

fundamental of friendship - be a good friend.

got to church Thanksgiving Day - good for you! :)

Late for Thanksgiving and argument - wow. that's unfortunate. :(

thanksgiving family arguments... more of them? that's terrible... but who googles them?!

Thanksgiving Day prayer hilarious - would you like me to write one for you next year?

christmas poems when getting a refrigerator - i could probably write one of those too, if you really wanted it. for your own personalized magnetic poem, just send $19.95 plus shipping and handling to...

and two really good but more serious searches:

be happy in Jesus - :)

Jesus shifting the church - Yes. He is. and He's shifting me, too.

Happy New Year to all of you! May 2008 be a year to remember - not because of anything we may say or do, but because of the way He will work in and through us. In His Name, and for the sake of His glory. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, mighty woman of God.
Much love, Rach.

Rob said...

OK, so I guess I'm more of a Luddite than I thought--how do you gather that information? I'm truly curious.

Happy said... - it's free, and pretty fun :)