Advent Peace - Day 7

"Blessed is he 
     whose transgressions are forgiven, 
     whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the man 
     whose sin the LORD does not count against him, 
     and in whose spirit is no deceit."
                                                        - Psalm 32:1-2

This means, children of God, that we're blessed.

If that thought doesn't fill you with peace, I'm not sure what else could.  We may be in the days Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 (and have been for generations), when there are wars and rumors of wars, and wickedness is increasing, but we have no reason to fear.  God's word says we're blessed.

So stand on that today, no matter what your circumstances may say to the contrary, and allow joy to rise up in your soul as you rest in His grace and experience His deep and abiding peace.

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