full circle

It's been an amazing journey these past few years.  In May of 2007, I spent a few hours in the seminary library, studying commentaries for fun, and wrestling with a certain but still somewhat ambiguous calling - coming to terms with my inner Donna Reed and realizing that in spite of my hesitancy to find out what it was, God's call on my life was much different than I'd dared to dream.  In July of 2008, I preached my first official sermon on a Monday night at a young adult group - using a sermon illustration that has become Torch quasi-legend.  (Remember that time I got chased by a buffalo?  lol.  So does everybody else...)

And today?  Today I am headed back to the library to begin research for my first ever Sunday morning sermon.

(AHHHHH!!!!!!)  I am excited and terrified all at once.

It's a little surreal, looking back, and still feeling a tiny shred of that old reluctance to step out - but feeling at the same time, in spite of that little bit of sheer terror, so incredibly confident that God has called me to do this.

Nonetheless, I am very grateful that I have a month to write, re-write, and re-write again.  :)

Wish me luck!  Or better yet - pray that I get out of the way and am quiet enough to hear what He's speaking thru the text, and can relay it effectively.  :)



Robert said...

I can't wait to see God use you to bring down the house from the stage! Granted, he already does thru your worship leading, but nonetheless, let God lead your steps, Sis, you've already got an audience that supports you.
This'll be the best triple-written paper preaching you've ever done! May it be the first of many.

On that note, we'll forgive you if there's no Evil Stalker Buffalo in this one!

Pamela said...

I've just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through some of the back posts here. Through them I can see that you will allow God to speak through you in this new assignment you've received.


Happy said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Pamela - and welcome! :) I'm always curious - how did you come across my blog?