it's all about You

"Jesus is equal to every occasion." - Smith Wigglesworth

I'm reading a really interesting book right now - a collection of Smith Wigglesworth's sermons and writings on healing. It's completely flooring me, some of the stories he has to tell. I find my faith stirred to pray more confidently and more boldly as I read...

And at the same time, I find myself so humbled. I realized yesterday that my gaze is not as fixed on Christ as it could/should be. Even when I am praying for people, I am often looking at them and at their situations as I pray, and not at Jesus. Even when I am in a worship service, I am often distracted by what is going on around me and not by Jesus.

But I want to be. I want to be so incredibly distracted by Him that everything else just pales by comparison. I want to be so enamored with Christ that I am what the poet in Song of Songs calls "faint with love." I want to abide in Him so intimately that it becomes difficult to tell where I leave off and He begins - I want to decrease exponentially, so that He may increase... I want to fix my eyes on Christ, because He is equal to every occasion - and there is nothing - no problem, no heartache, no confusion, no betrayal, no misunderstanding, no illness - nothing! - greater than He is. And when we rest in that - when we remember that ours is the God who breathed life into existence, who by a word spoke light into being, who holds all things together - that ours is the God who rose from the dead, and is still in the business of resurrecting people - then there is nothing that comes our way that will overwhelm us. It can try if it wants to. But it will fail miserably. Because our God is bigger than everything in all of creation added together. Is anything too great for Him? No. No, it isn't...

Jesus, we look to You. Be all that we can see. May Your Bride be enthralled by Your beauty, and may all else fade in the light of Your Presence - You are God with us. With us. You are not a God who is far away, but You are here. Now. And there is not one thing that is too big for You. So whatever it is, for each one of us - that thing that seems too big but isn't - we entrust You with that. Your Word says that all things work together for the good of those who love You. I believe that. And I believe that somehow, it will all be for Your glory in the end. Help us to remember today that tho we are individual people with individual stories, unique, and genuinely special to You - it is not about us. It has never been about us. It has always been all about You. Your Name. Your Glory. Your Renown. Be glorified in us, Jesus. Be glorified in every occasion. Amen.

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Erin said...

And God loves YOU (Happy) infinitely and holds your heart in his hands. ;-)

I think the thing that gives me the greatest peace when I worry that I'm not focused enough or am letting life distract me is the fact that God knows I'm stupid. I think I would die of shame if I didn't know he knew that!