saturday morning coffee talk

This isn't really an actual post worth reading, I don't think. More an acknowledgment that I haven't posted anything in a week (I have written things; just nothing worth posting! hmmm. sort of like this...) And an observation on organization: it's worth it, sometimes.

This morning I got up and I finally did something about the 6 inch stack of chord charts that had taken over my living room. It only took me 20 minutes to sort them all alphabetically and 5 minutes to file them. Why didn't I do this weeks ago? It would have decreased my stress level considerably. I hate clutter. It drives me mad. But I never do anything about it.

I'm hoping October will be the month in which I turn over a new leaf. I'm giving myself the rest of September to continue procrastinating. And to maybe clean up a little so not being a lazy clutterbug will be easier in October, since I'll be starting off on a good foot. My next project - besides the laundry that got folded and put in a basket next to the closet - is the basket of junk mail that's gone unopened since last October. I know there are a few things in there that aren't junk mail, so it all needs to be sorted. Sounds like a perfect "watch a movie and drink hot cocoa" sort of a task, don't you think? Maybe I'll do that tonight... maybe. :)

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