further thoughts on worship: why we sing

When the Church meets to worship, there's a lot of singing. A friend recently posted about that, wondering why. Worship and singing are NOT the same thing necessarily, tho singing can be an expression of worship - so why do we do it?

I think there's a few reasons:

1) it's an easy way to get everyone focused in the same direction

2) i think most people love music (of some sort), even if they can't carry a tune in a bucket

3) culturally, every people group throughout history has used music as a form of storytelling; our songs as a Church tell our story

4) it follows the pattern set forth in the Old Testament of how God's people are directed to worship Him

5) it's fun, and an outlet for musicians in the church to bring their gifts to the altar

There are, I'm sure a lot of other reasons, but those are a few that come to mind.

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