one man's stick

I realize that planning ahead is generally a good thing, and that it does help the powerpoint people to know where you're planning on going with a song, but deviation from your powerpoint plan really should say more about your ability to follow God's leading than your irresponsibility, don't you think?

The jist of an actual comment: "You did a really good job tonight, Happy. Of course, you could have stuck to the slides a little better - there were a few there that ended up being all out of order - but I managed to catch up to you, and it was fine."

We went back to a pre-chorus and a chorus. And I said, out loud, the words we were about to sing. It's not a long song... ???

*sigh* But as I once said to Chris when he was complaining about someone having a stick up their ... well, you know... :) "One man's stick is another man's structure."

I suppose I have my own sticks. LOL. I guess this is one of them... :)

Lord, help me to love the people I'm called to serve with, even when they drive me batty. I probably drive them batty too.

I'm becoming known as the "shoeless girl." I don't suppose it would be the end of the world if I were also known as the chick who doesn't always stick to her worship plan. As long as people are worshiping God and encountering His presence, I don't particularly care what they say. I don't think. Tho I guess I cared enough to vent about it a bit. :P


faintnot said...

I am glad to know that if I was in your neighborhood, visiting your church, that the Holy Spirit would be allowed to interrupt your plans that He might visit have blessed me!

Happy said...

oh, faintnot - I hope it's true. I try to listen for His voice. Sometimes I miss it, and sometimes I do get stuck to my plan, but it is DEFINITELY an area in which I'm trying to grow. Thanks for all your encouragement along the way. :)