I'm "helping" (whatever that means) with the redesign of a website right now, and one of the super-fun tools we're using to do it is called inVision.  Essentially what I'm doing is creating jpegs that look like what we want various pages of the website to look like, and then using inVision's crazy cool magic to link them together so it feels like you're on an actual website - but really, you're not.  They call it a wireframe, and from what I can tell, it's pretty much just a bunch of pictures without authentic functionality.  And as I was working on this project today, it hit me: sometimes we try to wireframe life.

It's possible that if you understand wire-framing on a deeper level than I do, the analogy might not really hold - but think about it.  You get up in the morning, and there's this idea of "this is what this day will hold."  And in theory it's all great.  You go here and this happens.  Move that way, and this other thing happens.

But that's just a wireframe.  It isn't real.

And sometimes we get so attached to the way we think things ought to be that we miss out on what they are - or what they could be.

I don't want live that way.  Do you?


Arman Sheffey said...

That's so true. My expectations of things have so often derailed a day, because I will spend so much time trying to get the expected result to become reality. Thanks for the reminder.

Praying I recognize reality and embrace it much faster in the future.

Happy said...

and again (in this post-FB modern age), one wonders how to "like' comments on one's own blog...