7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 6)

--- 1 ---

"What's the difference between a fur and a pelt?"
"You know, at any other point in the week, I would consider that a strange question.  But it's Sunday morning.  So it's really not."

And that conversation (which did, yes, actually happen) is one of the many reasons why I love my church.

--- 2 ---

After a great deal of internet research, mostly by iPhone, we concluded that the main difference between a fur and a pelt is how much actual fur is involved.  I think.  (I'm actually still not sure.)  But along the way we discovered that furring and pelting are both verbs.  (Furring, incidentally, is also a noun.)  One of the potential meanings of the word "furring" involves clogging something with a fur-like substance (if not actual fur).

And so I ask you: what on earth would you clog with fur, and why?

These are the sorts of questions that plague me for days.  As evidenced by the fact that it has been 5 days, and I am still thinking about this...

--- 3 ---

So it's still Lent.  The fasting thing isn't going quite as fiercely as I'd anticipated (which is probably best for everyone around me, being as how fasting (still) makes me grumpy).  But I am most definitely running into my sin around pretty much every corner.  This week's highlight: covetousness.  I saw this slideshow of an amazing Lego Hogwarts set, and experienced serious envy.  I know I should repent...  But I really want one.

--- 4 ---

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest this week.  I will say, tho, that my favorite find of the week was a post on behappy.me.  I am truly blessed beyond measure to have a friend who instantly came to mind when I stumbled across that quote.

--- 5 ---

Speaking of friendship...  Have I mentioned recently that I am really excited about the upcoming Bold Boundaries conference?  I saw a post today on Dan Brennan's blog from a guy named Doug who's going to the conference, and I think it's spot on.  He heard someone ask, "Why do we need a conference on friendship?" And his response was essentially: "Because we could all be so much better at it."  Amen.  I have been personally challenged to rethink the way I think about cross-gender friendship over the past year, and I am really looking forward to a conference that may be ground-breaking in terms of the freedom it could bring to so many.

--- 6 ---

At the risk of being labeled a "cat lady" like the single, cat-loving person I am (in spite of the fact that I do not currently own a cat): Apple Chauncery may be my favorite cat... er, font... of all time.

--- 7 ---

And because no 7 Quick Takes post would be truly complete without at least one YouTube video, this one makes me wish my daydream of being discovered as a quintessential background vocalist would actually come true (because there's not much that makes me happier than creating awesome harmonies, and the harmonies in this song are pretty incredible):


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Considerer said...

Your teeth and tongue can get 'furred' over with *not sure what but gross* if you don't brush them for too long (or, alternatively, the Morning After The Night Before). I'm not sure that it's something you can really *do* though - perhaps a passive verb rather than an active one.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be Helveticat?