7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 1)

One of my favorite bloggers hosts a bit of weekly fun called 7 Quick Takes Friday - which can, as far as I can tell, be summed up as "Quick everybody - 7 things.  Go!"  It's actually what inspired my random ramblings series a few years ago - I wasn't sure I could commit to a weekly post, or that I'd have seven whole things to say - but I'm finding that the first excuse is something I just need to call an excuse and ditch altogether, and the second is actually untrue (how do I pick only 7 things?!).

So belatedly, I am joining the bandwagon.  And looking forward to meeting some new friends along the way.  :)

So without further ado:

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 1)

1.)  I am that geek.
If you had told me five years ago that I would be learning about BSP trees and reading books on web/graphic design for fun, I would have looked at you blankly and wondered if you'd hit your head.  Recently, I've been doing both, and actually asking friends for book recommendations.  I'm also ridiculously excited about helping the Professor (who is probably going to regret saying I could help) design a website for the serving ministry of our church.  I am learning a ton - and looking forward to the day when I understand why all of these t-shirts are funny...

2.) It's gonna be worth it.
There have been some tough moments (mostly as a result of that bicycle accident) over the past few months.  Tonight, I was reminded as a dear friend led us into worship, that it really will all be worth it someday.  Thanks, Steve.  And thanks, Rita Springer, for writing this song.

3.)  Of course, the minute I started to search YouTube for that song, I thought instantly of Debbie, the Internet Dater, who may actually someday inspire me to download Songify...

(It may be possible that I am personally responsible for somewhere between 50-75 of those millions of views... and that I may or may not have downloaded this song from iTunes...)

4)  And as long as we're still on YouTube, you might as well know that if you're going to write a song about something, it might as well be about this:

5) Nothing is ever wasted.
Which is why I don't really mind about the bison.  Who may or may not have a twitter feed.

6) Speaking of Twitter... a friend recently inadvertently posted a series of links via her twitter feed, which inadvertently led me to start reading Seth Godin's blog.  This interview he did with Krista Tippett is worth your time.

7) So about that One Word Resolution... 
Who knew I was going to spend most of January learning to be compassionate towards myself?  More on that soon.

Because it's 11:55pm.  Which means it's almost no longer Friday, so I need to wrap it up.  ;)

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

So cool to see you doing 7QT! I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying following it. Have a great weekend!