waking up

It's been an incredible journey, writing a daily devotional.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit...  I'm on Day 29, and wondering what on earth I will do will all my free time after Lent.  (j/k....mostly.)  ;)

Some of these evenings, tho, have turned into really sweet times of worship and study, and I wanted to share a glimpse into my quiet time tonight, simply because it was so powerful for me - and because I think it might encourage you.

The epistle reading for tomorrow is the beginning of Romans 8.  For the devotional study, I'm mostly using the new NIV translation, but every now and again, I like to look into other translations, because reading something that means the same thing but is phrased slightly differently can help me understand it a little more fully.  Tonight I turned to the Message paraphrase.  I actually started reading a little further back in Romans 7, and I love the imagery that Peterson uses to explain this crazy relationship between the now and the not yet of having victory over sin and death and yet struggling with it still on a daily basis.  And as I read, I was reminded of a song - and a video.

As the Creative Experience Director for my church, one of the most fun parts of my job is spending hours on the internet, looking for videos that will complement the worship service we're designing.  I believe that there are times when the creative artistry of music and video and poetry can express far more than mere words ever could, and every now and again, I come across a video that completely captures my attention, and to which I come back, again and again.  This is one of them.  It encourages us to put our hope in Christ - for it is He who has won the victory over sin and death - and in Him, that victory is ours as well.

Sometimes we just need to wake up enough to remember it.

So here's the Scripture: Romans 7:21-8:11 - and the video is below.  But seriously, start with the Scripture.  :)  And have an awesome few moments of worship!


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