just when you think you've seen everything

you generally find out you really haven't. my friend Jenn says this is one of those things that falls under the heading of "alrighty then..." i think it's hilarious. allow me to introduce you to my new favorite international sport: Extreme Underwater Ironing.

(no, there's no sound.)

i actually saw somethng on the news the other day about this - there's a group of 86 divers in the UK that just beat out the Australian world record for most people involved in a dive.

and it turns out extreme ironing isn't only a water sport...

i wonder if this will ever catch on in the U.S.? :)


Erin said...

HILARIOUS Happy! What will they think of next?

Sara said...

I think I fall into the Oo-kay, alrighty, then category. :)