international women's day syncroblog/syncrosermon

Julie over at one hand clapping has suggested a syncroblog for International Women's Day, which is March 8th. As Julie writes, "Too often in the church not only are the voices of women not heard, but the stories of biblical women remain untold. But the Bible is full of inspiring examples of women faithfully following God and making a tremendous difference for the Kingdom" - so why not celebrate the day by retelling some of those stories and the impact(s) they have had on our lives?

If you'd like to participate, please follow the link to Julie's blog and leave a comment on her post, so she can include your blog on the list of participants. Here are the "official" guidelines, as Julie has posted them:

"Synchroblog - on March 8 post something on your blog about biblical women. This could be your experience (or lack thereof) with learning about these women, a reflection on the life of a particular woman, an exploration of the ways women led in scripture, or a midrashic retelling of the life of one of these women. Have fun with it, push yourself to discover new things, and let’s tell these stories together.

Synchrosermon - these stories of women are rarely told from the pulpit, so I encourage those of you preaching or teaching on March 8 to include the stories of biblical women in whatever you do. The church often wont hear about these women or learn from their example, unless pastors and teachers make a deliberate effort to dwell on the mothers of our faith as much as they usually dwell on the fathers."

I'm really looking forward to partcipating in this, and to an excellent day of good reading. :)

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