conversations that may imply some things

although i'm not quite sure what...

Conversation #1 - between me and Thoughtful Kindergarten Boy:

TKB - (singing an... interesting, but catchy song about a moon)
"I really like this song."

me - Do you really? I think it's kind of a silly song. The moon can't take care of you.

TKB - (laughs) No, that's God.

me - Yes, TKB. God takes care of you.

(thoughtful pause on the part of TKB)

TKB - Maybe the moon tells Santa Claus when all of everybody is asleep on Christmas Eve.

Conversation #2 - between me and Potty-Training Over-Tired Toddler

PTOTT - (incoherent meltdown while sitting on the potty just before nap - something about her nose being red...?)

me - What's the matter?!

PTOTT - (more incoherency, accompanied by trembling lower lip and gigantic crocodile tears puddling and spilling over in heart-wrenchingly sad eyes)

me - Here... come wash your hands, and then you can have a potty treat. Chocolate makes everything better. Chocolate and Jesus; that's all you need. Well... Jesus first, then chocolate.

PTOTT - (washes hands and smiles through tears)

At which point I fed her chocolate and then read her a Bible story....

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