7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 17): Musical String Theory, Drum Pants and Friendship

Jen Fulweiler once joked about dividing her life into two epochs - before and after discovering the Guy On A Buffalo videos.  (Yeah, that was my fault... lol.)

I may divide my own life epochs in relation to discovering string theory explained to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody.  This video is brilliant on so many levels... but it may have been the Einstein sock puppet that sold me.

In addition, the very fact that a video like this exists gives me so much hope that I too may someday have that much time on my hands...  Tho maybe being a musical scientist is a prerequisite.  To which I can only say: "Define 'scientist'..."

In the meantime, I will consider it a win if I find enough time to finish these 7 Quick Takes on an actual Friday.

And while we're being all geeky: Drum Pants.  They're a thing.

One of the toughest things about blogging is coming up with a great title for your post that will hook readers instantly.  I think Brandon Hoops should win the best title award this week with Solomon's Cure For Bitchiness, lol.  It's a wonderful piece on what 'guarding your heart' really means (it has less to do with romance than you might think!), with some solid advice how to cultivate a life characterized by joy and gentleness.

World Vision has started a brilliant campaign called #Dreamshare.  Swing by and take some time to read some of the dreams that have been shared, and consider sharing yours.  HT: to Stephen Brewster, who shared his.  You can tweet your dream - or join the #Dreamshare link-up.  Their goal is 2 million dreams shared.  The world is waiting to hear yours!

I'm sure there are occasions when people reading my 7QTs wonder if I actually do anything noteworthy - aside from watching YouTube videos and reading other people's blogs and then spending hours thinking about them.  Wonder away.  Apparently this week, I really didn't.

I love, love, LOVE this guest post from Beth Bramstedt on Dan Brennan''s blog - A New Paradigm: Love As The Boundary.  It's simply her story about how God moved in her life at the Sacred Friendship Gathering last spring, and it's beautifully told.  I had the privilege of meeting Beth and talking with her right in the middle of the Gathering, so it was delightful to hear more about the backstory of how she got there, and what happened next.  :)  Stories like Beth's give me hope that someday, I will have a story to tell, too.  Somedays I feel like this ongoing conversation about friendships between men and women is more full of land mines than hope.  There is so much cultural and religious baggage to be shed.  But I will keep on hoping for change, and doing what I can to help, one conversation at a time.

And in closing - a quote.  (Jen, I think you'll like this one.)  Frederick Buechner on why wine is better than grape juice.

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