At long last, everything that absolutely had to get done is done, and I am finally free to pack.  At 7:30am tomorrow morning, my dear friend Mackenzie and I are hitting the road for a 2-day retreat from our lives, and attending the Women of Faith conference in Milwaukee.  (For more about what that is, please see my earlier post.)  I can't wait!!!

I've been to two other Women of Faith conferences over the years; the 2nd one I will never forget, because it involved a road-trip to Nashville on the heels of a tornado!  We weren't even sure when we left Michigan that we could even get there - but we did, and the conference went on, and we survived our hotel experience by candlelight.  It was awesome.  ;)

Because of my prior experiences, there are three things I know I can expect over the next 2 days:

1)  I am going to meet with God, and He'll have some things to say that I'll need to hear.
2)  It will be FUN.  I am going to laugh - a lot.
3)  I will come away refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to re-imagine the possibilities of what God could do in and through my life.

So, thanks, Women of Faith, and Thomas Nelson Publishers, for making it possible for me to go.  You couldn't have known it 2 months ago when you picked me, but I really need this weekend.  I have no idea yet what God will do in it, but I know He has it perfectly planned.  And I can't wait to tell you all about it.

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Faith said...

Cool, Happy!!! Hope you had an amazing time - we'll be waiting for the update!