Wilderness Adventures of 2011

Not that we should be surprised by this, but Happy's "wilderness adventures" are continuing in 2011.  Almost all of you are aware by now of the epic bison encounter.  (If you missed that one, you can read about it here.)  

The bison incident was only one in a long line of wildlife encounters over the years.  I freaked out a peacock once.  In a forest preserve in Michigan.  (Do peacocks even live in Michigan?)  I've met several deer in the middle of trails who have shown no indication that they planned to move.  (They didn't.  I turned around and found an alternate route.)  There was that moose in Colorado....  And I've been chased by what may or may not have been wild turkeys.  Upon telling the story later, it appears they might have been emus.  (Regardless, I would advise against making gobbling sounds at any bird in the wild.  Just in case.)

Recently, in my suburban neighborhood, I've seen a weasel, a skunk the size of a large housecat, and several of a variety of waterfowl. (No, I have not actually ENCOUNTERED any of them. Yet.)  But today, biking through gloriously wooded beauty in the middle of nowhere, I was run off the trail, not by a deer, nor a snake, nor a skunk, nor any other likely candidate - but by a fire truck.

What were the odds?!

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