so, about that "next thing"....

This morning marked the beginning of a whole new season in my life.

I have become an associate pastor at my church.


I feel suddenly and unexpectedly grown up.
(tho I will probably get over it...)

My actual tasks from week to week probably won't change much at first, tho there will undoubtedly be a few new things added over time. As Mark pointed out (in one of the many conversations we had this summer, leading up to this decision), becoming an associate pastor is - in many ways - simply giving a name to something God was already doing in my life. He's given me a shepherd's heart, and a lot of leadership gifts that I have slowly (and, at times, fitfully) grown into over the past few years. This morning, my pastor and my church acknowledged that, and they prayed and cheered me into a new season of stepping out into those giftings more fully.

I am... excited. terrified. humbled. joyful. I am certain that I will learn a lot, and that I will grow in ways I can't even imagine. And I am confident that this is "the next thing" in which I am to trust God and simply follow Him.

It's going to be an amazing season.


Ruth said...

That's so AWESOME Happy! It's been a pleasure to witness some of your journey to this point. Your authenticity and dedication will be a blessing to those you serve.

Random Cathy said...

Very happy about this for you!

Happy said...

Thanks, ladies! :)