home again, home again

Yesterday was about as close to a perfect day as any day can get. Good music, good weather, good friends, 7 hours in the car... :)

Highlights of the road trip:

* spending an hour or so on the beach at Lake Michigan, reading, napping, listening to the waves, just being (which was possibly the best part of the day altogether, tho I loved the rest of it too!)

* a great deal at a book store - 2 books and 5 cds for $40! :)

* catching up with 2 of my old roommates, whom I haven't seen in almost 2 years

* celebrating two years of birthdays and Christmases with Jeni in the middle of June (yay, presents!)

* dinner at The Curragh, a terrific Irish pub

* seeing Josh Schicker, an old friend from college, in concert (shameless plug: you should check out his stuff on ITunes - he's very talented)

* sunshine!!!! - which seems like a silly thing to celebrate, but it's been pouring rain for days, and it's cloudy again - so one whole day of sunshine was wonderful. :)

No matter where I go in this world, West Michigan will always be home. I'm not sure how to explain it or even why it's so - but the minute I cross the Michigan border, I just start to feel happier. (pun intended, lol) I smile for the last hour and a half of driving. Katie says I even walk differently when I'm home. Lighter. More free. And especially on the beach there - I just feel more like me than I do anywhere else. I'm not sure why that is, but thank You, Jesus, for the gift of one more day spent there. I needed that.

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Josh said...

i'll never forget that fall we went and you showed us your home. that's one of my favorite memories.