south pickerel

You know that whole visual identification thing you have to do sometimes to write comments on a blog or send an attachment to someone? The one I had tonight was "South pickerel."

It made me grin. :) And now I totally want to ride a steamboat down the Mississippi and have a pickle, and fish and chips...


Cathy H said...

For the record, my word to post this is "bobbyt".

Which brings up mental images of a certain woman with a knife.

Ooooooh. Not good associations. So did not mean to mess up your pickerel.

Ooooooh. The intersection of the two mental images.

I have to go wash my eyes.

Faith said...

Hey Happy! I did not know you had a blog! I've been poking around on it and I love getting to know you this way. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hey, are you going to be able to come to our Open House on June 28 at the Davis's? We would love to see you! If not, we'll be at Torch that next day, too, so hopefully we can connect sometime. Take care!

Happy said...

Cathy, lol. :)

Faith, hi! Welcome. :) Please feel free to comment anywhere as you're poking about. I tend to keep my blog on the semi-d.l. but I'm glad you found it. :)

I'm going to try to make the open house - but the 28th also holds a wedding shower and a dry-run for the band and tech crew at the high school before Torch goes live with Sunday services! So if I can't make it, I am so glad you'll be at Torch on Monday. We're so looking forward to seeing you! :)