25 Things

okay, i give in. i'm a lemming. at least today. mostly because there is cleaning to be done and i don't feel like doing it.

25 random things about me:

1. I find it odd that this meme has jumped from 6 things to 25 things in just one year, but i suppose inflation is rather a ubiquitous sort of thing.

2. I really like the word ubiquitous.

3. Sara Bareilles has a song called "One Sweet Love" that I think is pretty much number one on my playlist right now.

4. When I eat neopolitan icecream (which just bothers me to begin with because you should not mix flavors like that!), I eat the strawberry first to get it out of the way, then the vanilla, and then the chocolate, because the chocolate is the best part, and should always be saved for last.

5. I really love both of my jobs - the one I get paid for and the one I don't.

6. I have friends in Australia that I've never met.

7. One of the first times that I ever really began to understand that God loved me was in a car in a church parking lot, listening to a song called "Before You Call." Which I can still sing to you in its entirety. (Thank you, Mike.)

8. One of my favorite books as a kid was this little pink three-inch by one-inch fold-out hymn book with the words and music to "Tell Me The Story of Jesus." I bet it made God grin, knowing everything He knew. :)

9. I've written exactly one worship song that I think is worth copyrighting. And two years later I still like it, so next year, I might actually get around to figuring out how you do that...

10. Random fact from my belief system: ice cream is a food-group.

11. I am really looking forward to summer coming around again so I can hit the trails with my bike again. When I was biking 40-50 miles a week, I didn't have to pay nearly so much attention to how much ice cream I was eating, lol.

12. My favorite coffee mug is blue, with blue and green stripes. They are very calming colors, and the mug is just the right size to wrap your hands around and feel all cozy. And it was a gift from good friends, which makes it even better. Come to think of it, they have very good taste in coffee cups - I have another one they gave me that's red and is like reverse-bubble-wrap...

13. I think the word chutzpa is just cool.

14. Extreme underwater ironing is hands-down the most interesting sport I've seen yet.

15. I've been to Albania. And I seriously thought about not coming back.

16. I would really like to learn to play the bagpipes. But I think I would get kicked out of my house if I tried to practice.

17. I think it would be really cool if Torch hosted a Sacred Space event in conjunction with the Willow Arts Conference. Maybe someday. :)

18. I'm memorizing Ephesians, and I've been stuck at the end of chapter 2 for about 6 months.

19. I love to paint. Not pictures - walls. I have no idea why.

20. I prefer loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher to taking the clean ones out... go figure.

21. I took New Testament Greek on a dare.

22. I used to mow lawns with Sufjan Stevens. It was a really fun summer.

23. Every little girl should be given a copy of The Ordinary Princess for her 8th birthday.

24. I love J.P.'s. - a really great coffee shop - and have been known to drive 3.5 hours each way for a cup of their coffee.

25. One of my favorite college memories involved Klompenskotch.... :)

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Cathy H said...

I know this meme is crazy, but I've loved reading all my friends "25 things" on facebook.

So cool.