incongruity (or: did that just happen?!)

The word of the day is "incongruous."

I was taking a walk on this beautiful mid-Western summer evening, and - keeping in mind that I live in the suburbs - was oinked at by a very large pig.

Our neighbors have one as a pet, and it was out in the front yard on its leash, just sniffing around by their car.

I love moments like this.


Erin said...

Now that IS incongruous, LOL.

How's the template working for ya?

Happy said...

I'm loving it, for the most part. Every time I look at my page, I just smile, it's so pretty. :) I don't like the archive system, so I'm thinking about moving it to the Top Menu. Tho that would probably mean going through and linking to every post myself - which isn't the end of the world, as I'm looking at the category list and thinking I should probably clean that up too... lol. It was on the list of the many things I was going to do this week. Unfortunately lazing around and being productive seem to be mutually exclusive vacationing tactics... ah well. :D