too funny!!!

This is absolutely hilarious. (glad the book didn't end quite this way, tho.)


Nate said...

Hello Happy,
My name is Nate. I am also onelike you that has decided to move onward and upward in my faith. There are a lot of us who feel that the church is constricting our growth, and have chosen to follow God instead. There is an extensive community out there. just continue to follow the links on comments and you will end up reading some pretty amazing and disturbing things. I got to you by your comment on Deconstucted Christion's 15 things list. If you follow the links list on my blog you will meet a number of other people that believe as you do. Good lock and God bless.

Happy said...

Thanks, Nate. Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for the encouragement! I just found Heather's site about a week ago, and have been so blessed by it. I'll look forward to reading what you have to say as well.

Grace and peace to you,